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We love to see it! :giveup:

Totally well deserved! 

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Charles X Charles

I've watched it yesterday and goodness I cried! lss with We Don't Talk about Bruno 🔥🔥🔥

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9 hours ago, No Way Home said:

Is that not the point the movie was attempting to make? That it was wrong to do that?

The movie def acknowledges Bruno was wronged but he’s not the focus.  The family seems weirdly fine to consciously forget about him, while he’s secretly and heartbreakingly listening to them sing “we don’t talk about Bruno” from the walls.  They don’t seem to worry about him or wonder where he is. The superheating  sister actually knows he’s in there before our heroine finds him and never tells anyone and is content to just let him rot in the walls alone in isolation. It isn’t until our heroine saves the day that he comes out and the family is all “come on back” and he’s so grateful, but there’s no acknowledgement by the family that they’ve ruined his life for years and no apologies.  It just bugged me that they glossed over his sad story so much. 

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Good! I've already watched it twice, love when Mirabel and abuela fight LMAO like it's so cathartic bc she really is hurting the family with her expectations and tunnel vision in regard to their miracle 

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