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Did The Chainsmokers help create a new genre?

Were they?   

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  1. 1. Did the Smokers win?

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    • A Cultural reset
    • What were you thinking Halsey?

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When I think “Pots and pans” genre sure I think Sophie :partysick:

But me fears The Chainsmokers, the electronic DJ and production duo, actually helped popularize that sound… 

The number one hit makers did that… 


Hottie Detector
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Stupid Oreo

I only remember Closer and Roses from the top of my head :billie:

The Flopsmokers

flop gun maverick era
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They’ve released nothing but mediocrity and that’s not a genre. 

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I feel like other producers were making bigger hits with that same sound before Closer was even a thing.

And tbh, I wouldn't even know who The Carcinogens are if they hadn't slandered Gaga's best lead single :ph34r:

Daffodils and pale red carnations
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Six 57

I liked their music up until after Memories.. Do Not Open, but they didn't really create a new genre.

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