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Favourite Eminem x Rihanna song (Poll)

Mirrion Rizzons

Favourite Collab  

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  1. 1. ^

    • love the way you lie
    • love the way you lie pt. 2
    • numb
    • the monster

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I prefer Bebes version of monster I stopped listening to Eminem after encore

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The part 2 is the best out of them but definitely not because of the eminem collab

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somehow there was always something about part II that made me prefer it over part I :flutter:


yes that eminem isn't as noticable in it as in part I lmao :trollga:

That being said I can't wait for Rih to finally return to what initially made her famous, no more makeup or lingerie please at least for a bit.

Can't believe how much in my live changed since she last released something that was not a random collab. I was still a teen when she dropped anti :saladga: how is that possible.

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