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Super Bowl performers are trying to book professional Dancers for free.

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8 minutes ago, Concertaholic said:

As for the crowd of people holding lights and jumping up and down on the field for Gaga’s show (like the line of girls that Gaga walks by after playing the piano and the one she eventually hugs), they were all dance students from local Houston high schools. While they didn’t get paid, they only had to come for a few hours a day and were bused in from school, fed, probably given class credit, and honestly given one of the coolest experiences of their lives.

Omg I would’ve died… to even see her rehearse for one time…


Would you have complained if she hadn’t provided food or transportation?

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Sadly, they will get away with it because it does look good on a resume. To be honest, so many students are sent to internships for months and don't get paid. I am on one right now. While I will benefit cause I need the hours to graduate, I work M-F for 9 hrs for 24 weeks with NO PAY.

This is the nature when you want training and stuff to put in your resume.

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51 minutes ago, TortureMeOnReplay said:

Even if she didn't pay them she likely at least fed them. 

I was a volunteer extra for ASIB and we were extras in the Coachella set she and Bradley performed at. They fed us catered boxed lunch with a good sandwich, cookies, chips, and a drink for lunch. Granted we were there in the middle of the hot sun for 5 hours.  They needed more people at night but they didn't force us to stay. They just did CGI to make the crowd fuller and the scene was just part of a montage in the movie.

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Not sure why is this surprising? They did it each years like this. 

Superbowl is also non paid gig for the artist(s), the sponsor only cover expenses and production costs.

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ✧*:・゚ no thots hed emmty (*´艸`*) ♡♡♡
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2 hours ago, ballerios said:

well the superbowl didn't pay the artist too right? cmiiw 

Artists are given exposure and their sales and streams spike. NFL cover expenses and production costs (around $10 million). This year Dr Dre also put up his own money and last year The Weeknd contributed $7M of his own money to make the production "what he envisioned."

Reveals when?? Results when?? Do we have all submissions?? Do we have all votes?? Am I winning??
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