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Biden: “I’m not Bernie Sanders. I’m not a socialist”

Morphine Prince

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5 hours ago, Jay23 said:

“Vote for joe. He’s a good person!” - Lady Gaga ( 2020 ) 😂



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1 hour ago, Cheeseandgaga said:

Center right ≠ today’s Republicans 

Just like the democratic party there is a spectrum within the republican party. Based on Biden's voting record on everything except social issues, Biden fits very well within the republican party. 

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I'm so tired of Americans acting like they know what Bernie or socialism stands for as if it is something worse than Trump. It's bizarre. Democrats are not even digging their grave anymore, they are already in it waiting for someone to bury them. And this person will be a Republican. If anything Bernie would be amongst those having the tools to pull them out of this situation they created.

fan-tas-tique, chic, freak, slaaaay
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16 hours ago, ItsCaseyPaul said:

He is just DIGGING that grave.


He’s been out all night doing it too

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Healed My Heart
9 hours ago, Gabi001 said:

I'm always amazed how are Americans scared of "socialism", when it works in every European country, and most of them are among happiest people in the world. 

Truly I don't think a lot of Americans are actually scared of socialist policies. I think a lot of Americans just lack critical thinking skills and are so partisan, that many of them just absorb political talking points without ever educating themselves on the topics at hand.

As soon as Republican politicians ran with the messaging that socialism = communism, that is what pretty much every Republican decided to believe. Yet, when the country is polled about support for specific socialist programs, without explicitly calling them so, it often is majority support.

She/her 💗💜💙
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