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US to distribute 400M free N95 masks

Morphine Prince

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Julia Fox

you get a N95, you get a N95, and you and you, and you, you you you

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Hopefully people don't hoard them, at least those who are comfortable enough to afford their own. 

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On 1/19/2022 at 10:47 AM, Brainiac said:

This should have been done a year ago….

A lot of things are more difficult than they seem on the surface. Ppl always say the government should have done this or that like its the simplest thing on the planet but things are not as simple and throwing money at it and making it happen


We use N95s at work because of industrial dust environemnt and its so difficult to get them cuz of demand.


Logistically speaking its not just i want 400M N95s for everyone for free so lets just buy them


Garanteed this took a lot more logistical planning and deal making and time to try to make happen than ppl are imagining it to be

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