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When We Were Young festival organized by same people behind Astroworld

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My Chemical Romance and Paramore are set to headline When We Were Young. The festival is set to take place in Las Vegas on October 22, with more than 65 acts lined up so far.

The festival is organized by Live Nation Entertainment, the same live entertainment company that organized the ill-fated Astroworld festival in November that left 10 people dead and hundreds injured. Live Nation is facing multiple lawsuits since the Astroworld tragedy. In December, it was announced that a congressional panel will investigate the promoter.

Live Nation Entertainment was the event promoter for Astroworld, reportedly responsible for planning, staffing and communicating with local agencies for the music festival.

With so many acts announced for When We Were Young, and all just in one day, questions of logistics are being raised as the deadly crush at the Travis Scott-fronted festival is still fresh in peoples' minds.



Reveals when?? Results when?? Do we have all submissions?? Do we have all votes?? Am I winning??
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I undertand people's worries but I think that they are two very different events. 

Kindness rules all.
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Julia Fox

fun fact: 2 months after the astroworld mess if google "travis scott" the main search results are not even about astroworld anymore, people and media really moved on. 

that's how quick y'all forget

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