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Zoey 101 star DRAGS Jamie-Lynn and supports Britney

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1 hour ago, *** Like Pepsi said:

"Kristin Her-rera, Alexa Nikolas, and I became fast friends. Kristin, who played
Dana Cruz, and I clicked immediately, but all three of us spent
time together on and off the set. On the weekends we would have
sleepovers, go to the beach, the mall, or just hang out. We were
typical girls talking fashion and boys. Alexa, who played Nicole
Bristow, noticed that Kristin and I were growing closer, which
caused some issues. !ree is the worst number for girls because
invariably one always feels left out. Throughout the shooting sea
son we had our fair share of fun and #ghts, just like all girls our
age. But slowly I started to feel like there was something amiss.

Late into season one, rumors about me began to spread among the
cast and extras. At #rst, it was small lies—things like people say-
ing I was mean or bitchy. Everyone was telling me that Alexa was
the one making the false claims. I went to the producers to share
my concerns. !en the rumors took on a more sinister feel. I got a
feeling that a few people on the set were trying to stir the pot and
perhaps cause trouble between me and Alexa. I was led to believe
that Alexa told extras that I smelled bad and other things that I
couldn’t control. I would leave the set humiliated and sad. I cried
many times after work and had to hide my feelings. !e way her
mother walked around on set as if she owned it and whispered to
her daughter incessantly—seemingly about me—raised concerns.
For all I know, someone was feeding her lies that instigated the
problems we experienced. I began to suspect that she was inter-
ested in having me thrown off the show in the hopes they would
make Alexa the star. I did all I could to manage the situation, but
over time it became more di%cult. I went to the producers several
times to issue complaints. After the #rst season Kristin left the
show because the producers wanted a change, and she was replaced
by Victoria Justice. !e cast realized changes could be made at any
time, and I wasn’t experiencing any whispers or unpleasant looks.
!ings improved temporarily. Alexa’s attention was diverted by the arrival of a new cast member, but weeks into shooting, another
particularly vicious rumor spread that I had lice. Some of the extras
seemed put off, and I felt an unwarranted shame.
!e situation made me an emotional wreck and in need of sup-
port, so I went to my big sister for guidance.
A few days later, a very pregnant Britney came to the set to visit
and have a chat with Alexa. Britney asked a PA to bring Alexa to
my trailer. I was on set at the time. Alexa, who was really into fame
and connections, was excited that my sister wanted to “speak” with
her. !e door was open when Alexa walked in. Britney didn’t waste
any time getting to the point. “Are you making fun of my sister?
Telling lies and spreading rumors? You shouldn’t do that!” Britney
told her that she wouldn’t keep jobs if she continued to treat people
that way. Alexa scurried away from the trailer. After that chat Alexa
didn’t blatantly bully me, and once season two was in the can, she
was dismissed from the show. She later spoke of being bullied on
the set of Zoey.
For years I took the high road and ignored the story. I don’t
remember ever bullying anyone, especially a coworker on set. Con-
sidering the cruel way I felt that she treated me and tried to turn
the cast and crew against me, her claims seemed designed to gar-
ner attention once her fame had waned. I can’t control how she
perceived our dynamic, but I can say I wouldn’t have hurt her on
purpose. !at’s just not me. Based upon everything that went on,
and being thirteen, we both felt justi#ed in our actions. Looking
back, I think that all of these are normal childhood challenges.

The whole book: https://cloud.strongervision.net/s/KHtbyiLsB9fjYQP

omg I never realized she wasn't on the last 2 seasons :nooo: they really got her fired

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Pussy Like Pepsi
13 minutes ago, weed said:

omg I never realized she wasn't on the last 2 seasons :nooo: they really got her fired

Yeah she tells the whole story here 


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