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1 hour ago, YourEvilTwin said:

Hmmm anyone got the feeling that KStew may have been getting PR training from JLaw’s Silver Linings era publicist? You know that whole cool girl vs. theatre kid thing with Anne Hathaway.

Not going to work though. Even though Gaga is the theatre kid, she ain’t Anne Hathaway.

No lmao Kristen Stewart has always been like this lmao I think it’s just her style to take her work seriously but not in an “extra” kind of way

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They were just starting to get comfortable and kind of easing in and the conversation started getting a bit interesting, and the interview was over :smh:

It should have went on for atleast 30 mins more. 

I'm not very good with Social Mediaᵀᴹ
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This is so interesting. but. it is 2022 celebrities... you CAN make your video chats like emaculate like Gaga and Jennifer. Hire people if you don't know how to yourself LOL! The muscians are on point but that harp on Jennifers is such a nice touch. I think Gaga nicely opened herself up and really opened everyones discussion on the reality of the pressure of actresses. A nice diverse set of women and who started all at different times in their life. 

Gaga, you gotta trust in yourself how you tell everyone take some time and love you we all got this!


She's so funny though with the martini stuff,method acting LOL



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Y’all know I love Gaga to death and back but parts of this seem to me like she’s forcing the apologetic “I’m new to this and I have so much reverence for your experience” angle a BIT too much. Like kind of signalling her humbleness? Idk maybe its because all of this press tends to be quite calculated for the Oscars…

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Mother of Puppies
1 hour ago, RAYA.core said:

She's so funny though with the martini stuff,method acting LOL

The other's couldn't relate though. :poot:

You can call me Lady MOP
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