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Lady Gaga to be announced as Cleopatra after awards season

andrea brisea

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10 minutes ago, AnnaNicoleSmith said:

Guys I told you on Jan 2, keep not believing me #psychicpowers


the Cleopatra thing has been mentioned on here since 2020 though

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50 minutes ago, Regina George said:

It’s some tragic Gaga insider with some tragic imaginative rumours. Not buying it even tho Gaga would be a GREAT Celopatra. 

Cant believe people still fall for these :rip:

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I don't believe it, but let me say it's so sad how people are now afraid of being canceled by ignorant people on Twitter in a way that takes their freedom to work passionately on their craft. Cleopatra is just a character played by Elizabeth Taylor. It is more than a historical person, so any actor should be able to play it. Some years ago, I watched a play in the theater that got a woman to play King Lear. And that was amazing. I feel that people are creating more and more rules about art performances in a way that destroys the beauty of art. I confess I'm lost in the age of social :saladga:

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I'd be here for it, but I honestly wish for Gaga to play a character that's entirely new or at least not that well known. Ally wasn't a historical figure, but a new interpretation, so the comparison with the other ASIB movies were always there, and Patrizia is a real life person, Cleopatra would just be another one that's really well known, even though most people still think that she's a WOC.

I'd also prefer to see her in artistic films, thriller or (non trashy) horror movies, over diving into the Disney and Marvel universe. The live action Disney movies don't appeal to me at all, because most of them feel like they're only made to get even more money out of a story that's already been told a hundred times.

Her playing in a well made TV production again would be amazing too.
I personally like mini series a lot because they focus on one plot like most movies usually do, but they have a lot more time to dive deeper into the characters.

trust is like a mirror, you can fix it if it's broken but you can still see the crack in that ************s reflection.
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yooooo please please please let this be trueee 

pluh-ease god, if you hear god, do i hear god? :pray:

Gaga was born to play Cleo 

and omg directed by this king? y'all saw Dune? the VISUALS OMG 

if she doesn't play her Dua should instead. We will NOT accept any other.


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4 hours ago, rawrimamonster said:

Two competing Cleopatras sounds messy but she is a better actress than Gal Gadot. 

As for the ethnicity controversy, Gaga is Italian which is basically Macedonian, I think. 

competing Cleopatras? 

Season 2 Reaction GIF by Insecure on HBO


do you think the cornyness that Gal Gadot is prob booked for will compete with something made by triconiqué chanteuse Denis Villeneuve? the director of arrival, BR 2049 and Dune? 

Gal's Cleo is a probably a comedy or romantic spin on Cleopatra's story

No serious director would cast Gal as Cleopatra tbh, she is beautiful but have no edge and her acting is just efficient.

both movies will not be on the same league hun.

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There's no problem. Didn't y'all know Gaga is 6.25% Egyptian?

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Probably not going to happen, I suspect from her comments in recent interviews to questions she's probably most likely to have a Superhero role next than this. Plus it would be very controversial to have a white actress AGAIN play a North African queen after all regardless of her decent. And before anyone says so, it was actually Controversial for Liz Taylor to play cleopatra back then too AND in hindsight.

I think it's now universally agreed that white actors taking ALL the roles of PoC in old Hollywood movies was a bad move.


But on a positive note, I hope gaga next film is much lighter and less dramatic 

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Waiting for her to re-work Babylon Early Version and change it to Egypt so she can use it for the soundtrack 

ecstasy GIF

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Cleopatra was Macedonian with hints of Persian (Iranian) because the Ptolemaic dynasty intermarried with the Seleucids (an Iranian / Persian royal family). Meaning Cleopatra likely looked like most South Europeans and Middle Easterners...Gaga is South European and she can pass for a Middle Eastern woman too. This is a perfect casting in terms of looks. 

Additionally, modern day Egyptians are ancestors of the ancient Egyptians. Meaning Ancient Egyptians look exactly like modern day Egyptians (which are mostly olive skinned to white...like most South Europeans and Middle Eastern people). Ancient Egyptians were not black and Cleopatra was not black either. Of course there were black people in ancient egypt just as there are some black people in modern day Egypt but the vast majority of the population looked and STILL looks like this (You can put Gaga in this photo with her natural dark hair and she would fit right in to be honest):



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Der Meister
6 hours ago, Gabi001 said:

Why do people think that Cleopatra shouldn't be played by white actress? :selena: 

But Cleopatra was white, educate yourself.

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