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Is Anyone On Jamie-Lynn’s Side?


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Jamie-Lynn Tears? Nah :trollga:

How interesting that NOW she decides to tell her “truth” and not while her sister was the family money mule? Sussy-Lynn Tears 

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Ol' Jamie Lynn sure has a lot to say about how Britney yelling at her was "unhinged"...  But wasn't she the one who jumped the counter at a Subway and threatened someone with a knife? 

Like genuinely on her side or sympathizes with Jamie-Lynn? I’m just really curious to see and if so, why? What sways your opinion to that side rather than with Britney? Sound off!  Also this is n

9 hours ago, *** Like Pepsi said:

Yes Britney did step in  and threaten her at one point (which was totally shitty of her to do) but that's not the main story. Jamie Lynn and some other members of the cast bullied her off the show. Jamie Lynn has written about Alexa in her book and is saying that Alexa is the one who bullied her. Alexa called her out on Instagram just today for being a ****ing liar and said everything Jamie Lynn says in the book is a lie and none of it happened. JAMIE LYNN LIKED HER POST. lmao 

Also Alexa says Jamie Lynn just contacted her out of the blue a few days ago asking her if she coud send her a gift and Alexa was like no, please leave me alone and don't contatc me anymore LMAO. Maybe she wanted to send her book HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA she's ****ing insane :billie::saladga:


sh!t’s getting juicy y’all https://www.instagram.com/p/CYsiXTaLGva/?utm_medium=copy_link

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I don’t think she is the devil that everyone is jumping on a bandwagon to make her. Wrong? Yes. Pure evil, like a lot of these bandwagonees are making her out to be? No. 

Father Jamie is by far the biggest ringleader here, but somehow Britney’s fans have really zeroed in on Jamie Lynn,  instead of Lynn and Jamie.  

I clearly remember the last time Britney was free, in 2007 when Britney fired her management team and hired her own managers(Sam Lufti) and skipped around town barefoot, shaved her head, and running through gas stations barefoot with a British accent. Britney was out of control, and Jamie Lynn prob followed her parents and thought that what her father was doing was right. Do I think Jamie Lynn taking advantage of her sister’s fame is right? No. But Jamie Lynn also had her own career as well, and she is not the only sibling in Hollywood that takes advantage of nepotism. 

In conclusion, Jamie Lynn is wrong on serveral accounts; but she isn’t evil, and certainly shouldn’t have death threats. 

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22 hours ago, ItWasntLaauv said:

Like genuinely on her side or sympathizes with Jamie-Lynn? I’m just really curious to see and if so, why? What sways your opinion to that side rather than with Britney? Sound off! :legend:

Also this is not me taking Jamie-Lynn’s side, don’t get it twisted lmao!!

No poll? Add it please! :grr:

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I genuinely want to know. 



So that I could block them everywhere 



(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ✧*:・゚ no thots hed emmty (*´艸`*) ♡♡♡
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