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  1. 1. Do you like the ALBUMOFTHEMILLENIUM:) ?

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gaga is the aura leak, i'm the dancer:

Whenever I haven't heard it for a long time, I'm always surprised it's even better than I remember.  

I know, it's also pop ART and POP

Love the concept but the music just doesn’t live upto what it was supposed to be.

Most of the songs sound like they’re missing something and have been played around with so much that the album sounds sanitary, devoid of emotion and boring.  Songs like Aura and Swine should hit harder than the final version, Sexxx Dreams lost all of it’s appeal after being sped up and being given a disco bridge…. I could go on and on but it’s just an album full of potential but plagued with bad decisions and poor producing.

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6 minutes ago, Ladey Gaygay said:

me when I lie...

If you don't know the album, it's out. Listen and then tell us, how much you dance. Welcome! 

you were a perfect illusion
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Nathaniel Arven

i love it more and more. 

I think it's her greatest work of art. The end of what The Fame started, in the most colourful way. The moment she destroyed her Ziggy but for a whole era. 

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16 minutes ago, thisboyisamonster said:

Has some absolutely iconic tracks - Aura, Applause, DWUW and title track

Never understood the hype with GUY and Gypsy

Yes, I also love those iconic tracks.

About Gypsy, have you seen this?


I live outside the space time continuum.
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