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‘Baby Shark’ Reaches 10 Billion Views on YouTube

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Wow thats good for them i guess

Edit: Edit before they report me for my comment :billie::huntyga:

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Stop singing my part now, baby!
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I understood this the other day. My 2 year old niece wanted me to play Baby Shark to her and she was like "again", like she listened to it 30 times in a row. Another thing I noticed about these videos is that they have the 30 minute or 1 hour versions that is the same song on loop and if you just leave YouTube there it's going to play 5 MINUTE ADS OMG. I hated that. I had to stand up and skip it because they put a lot of long ads in there.

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my company has started slapping Baby Shark on EVERYTHING, they're really banking on it so I doubt it's going away anytime soon. 

fame, hooker, prostitute wench vomits her mind
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Sneaky Oliver

Will it peak in the hot200 tho?:trollga: that would end pop girls career records 

is it spiritual enlightenment or am I just over everything?
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