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Replay like you've never heard it before!


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2 minutes ago, SCHEISSEMONTRE said:

I need a download link cause this is a banger 


5 minutes ago, RebeldeFaith said:

Wait!!! I'm done! This ****ing slaps! Certified banger

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Where's the download link?! :giveup:

Added it now! Glad you enjoyed:)

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2 hours ago, NeonSkeleton said:

I think the end result isn’t 100% there

I disagree, I think this is perfect! If this exact version was on Gaga’s album I would be floored :firega:, such a fun take on the song.

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Oh yes, been waiting for remixes like this :firega:

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Loved it!

Got the feeling that I did while listening to Replay for the first time (and instantly loved it; so much that I didn't allow myself to listen to the rest of the album).

With this version I feel so nostalgic... I can see the ARTPOP breakdowns. It's just so good.

Will download it to listen it on my laptop.

Thank you.

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