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LG7 discussion thread (Rumours, news, delusions)


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People really think and/or hope she's doing a FULL rock album? :rip: and then what, heavy metal for lg8?

A couple of songs with rockish vibes are possible, but she'll never do a whole rock album. 

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Ok Let's have our LG7 delusion thread about theories, wishes, rumours, news and so on. I'll update  the OP anytime we'll have anything that could be linked to next project.     - Gaga t

She will make dark-themed songs inspired by HoG, then she will scrap it and make a pop-country album 

I want LG7 to be a ballad album, and I’ll gladly fight anyone who says that they’re “tired” of BalladGa.

I just want the overall message of LG7 to be about hope, basically a whole album of songs like ‘Free Woman’ that would be great. Life has been so depressing for so long, we could all use some empowerment and it’s what she’s best at. 

Up all night tryna’ rub the pain out
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2 hours ago, Riley said:

Love the talk about RockGa vibes, would also be here for a HOGucci inspired album full of Euro-club bangers (would follow Chromatica nicely in the vein of TF/TFM per other comments)

Yes please. Give me FULL FORCE AUTHENTIC but modern italo disco and new wave 80s influence. 

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Would be awesome to have a Synth 80s inspired album, but I think that aesthetic and sound is so used today, by 2023 it would be outdated. She should explore the 80/90 Italo-club vibes inspired by HoG, and aesthetic of vintage high fashion :firega:

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On 1/12/2022 at 1:25 PM, TipsyGagaFan said:

Then why are there many projects with 7 songs that are labeled EPs on iTunes :triggered:

Billie’s DSAM is 9 songs, roughly 30 minutes, yet she considers it an EP. So it seems that we don’t have a set definition of what separates an ep from an album.

projects with 7+ tracks are considered albums on streaming platforms 

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13 minutes ago, duckworth said:

tbh i just want her to do what she wants. i want to see her happy with what she’s doing. she struggled with making Chromatica and I felt like it affected how she sees that album now

To be honest she had a lot of struggles with her last three solo albums... Just hope the next one will be brighter and lighter in themes

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Andrea Nicole
On 1/17/2022 at 9:14 AM, Christopher Rolas said:

I haven't had enough of Chromatica, I want a sequel. A sort of the The Fame and The fame monster, something like "Monochromatica", the colorless side of Chromatica, dark sounding music, more cyberpunk than before. 



industrial pop or hyperpop would be good for this theme 


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