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Gaga says she has next project in mind but not ready to talk about it yet


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All the other ET Palm Springs interviews have been 10 to 15 minutes long.

I don’t think she’ll announce anything but should be a nice interview.

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So excited for the new Haus Labs palette #LeRiotPatricia

She is just going to say something like "work on building a kinder and braver world"

Watch her say "I do have something in mind for what's next.... but I can't give that away right now"   But honestly this could be exciting! Or it could be nothing... so lets be careful how hyped


It's obviously The Fame perfume re-release :enigma:

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It will be exactly like this, bookmark me.

'I archived a lot in the past few years and it's been pretty stressful for ALL of us, so after this years award season I'm going to focus on building a family.. with my hubby (points at a ring on her finger).'

*everyone's screaming - a lot of happy noises and congrats*

'To my little monsters I sadly have to say that I have no interest in the *cough* Chromatica Ball *cough* anymore so that it will "sadly" be cancelled, and the journey won't continue (once and for all tho). -  But music will obviously be always in my mind and heart, xoxo.'





trust is like a mirror, you can fix it if it's broken but you can still see the crack in that ************s reflection.
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If ARTPOP and Chromatica are anything to go by, and unless it’s Jazz, it doesn’t seem like she’s very happy putting out music so I hope it’s something that’s beneficial to her mental health. 

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Probably her next movie role or sumn like that 

I’m tired and angry but somebody should be
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Honestly if it's the Top Gun song it may be a nice move.

Written and produced by her means that she'll sing it?

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3 hours ago, JustTea said:

I bet it's a broadway musical... :yennefer:

words straight out of my mouth. its time 

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The more I look at the clip, the more I think it's just ET hyping this like she's announcing something in the interview. There's probably one more sentence after that "for what's next" that's as vague and general as the first one.

Remember this when we're upset if there's nothing announced, don't blame Gaga then, but 'blame' ET for making it seem like an announcement.

Well, we'll see, and it's cool to have a new interview anyway.

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La Rosalia
29 minutes ago, LaLa said:

My guess is a re-launching of the Vegas show and new dates 

I was thinking it would be tour related (as in the Chromatica Ball) but I forgot about this and sadly, it makes more sense 💔😔

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holy scheisse

Omg her next advertisement partnership 😍 or her next announcement about kindness and bravery 😍

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  • monketsharona changed the title to Gaga says she has next project in mind but not ready to talk about it yet

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