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NikkieTutorials x Adele - The Power of Make Up


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5 hours ago, AnnaNicoleSmith said:

Is Adele trying to reach a younger audience by doing this

No. She clearly said in an interview a couple weeks ago that she doesn’t want to make music for Tik Tok. She wants to be a voice for people in her generation. The people that have experienced enough life to need at least some therapy. No, she doesn’t want to make 2 minute songs that are made using a keyboard in 15 minutes lol. 

She seems to be an empath. In Interviews she tends to ask the interviewees questions in return- meaning she might be trying to make them feel comfortable and involved in the conversation. Such a good trait. 

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5 hours ago, Bat said:

This video is amazing!!  She wanted this for so long, glad she succeeded! 

So glad she chose to uplift a visible trans woman like Nikkie instead of going with some random TikTok famous girlie ♥

May god's grace save us 🚬 💋 - xoxo ~ Lizbeth
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