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How Chromatica could be revived

HeavyMetal Halcyon

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My opinion in how it could be revived:  

The momentum is long gone now.

I truly think Chromatica could be revived, just hear me out. I just got my copies of Disco (Extended Mixes) and Disco: Guestlist Edition on vinyl. While listening to the extended mixes of each track,

18 minutes ago, GovernmentHookah said:

You’ve got a good heart to assume that we still have a shot at reviving Chromatica. 

You mean a diamond heart?

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15 minutes ago, bloody grammys said:

Not only has Gaga and the GP abandoned Chromatica but most fans have too :partysick:

We should all just look forward for her next creative projects :partysick:

I hate the summer, cant stand COVID i tend to cancel all the plans (so sorry Bobby we are not using the song) but when the jazz comes something takes a hold, can i promote it? Yes! I can


Papa I know you're going to be upset. Cause I was always your little girl
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Revive in what sense? If she wanted to do a concert (streamed or otherwise) she could just do it, she doesn't need to release anything else.

Hell, she could include some of the DOC artists and that would drum up some extra interest, but even that's not needed. She's Lady effin Gaga anything she does will be watched. 

If she wanted to properly continue the era with a new release, I think she would need to drop new songs at this point, like a TF + TFM style re-release. 

But I don't think she wants to. I'm sure she's already thinking about what the next album might be.

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Putang Ina Mo
56 minutes ago, Lucas said:

Y'all forgot Dawn Of Chromatica already :omg: (I understand though, I listened to it once and couldn't care less about it)


48 minutes ago, HeavyMetal Halcyon said:

I actually really like Dawn of Chromatica but I didn't feel like it was really a "revival" or push for the album. It was fun leading up to it when there was a lot of teasing, but in the end the hype died really quickly. 

Dawn of Chromatica is a fan-service, even Bloodpop said it is (undeniably an amazing one). But nothing much has happened when the album dropped other the featured artists' performances and Gaga's instagram videos.

No one in Gaga's team even mentioned anything about the album in months. Gaga even admitted it's so hard for her to sing the songs.

Maybe it is time for us to say goodbye to the Chromatica era.

my username says it all 🇵🇭
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Big Reputation

I think she should just move on and take time for herself honestly before coming back with a new project or album cycle. Really get inspired

When it’s dark outside you’re always the light
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1 hour ago, HeavyMetal Halcyon said:

I truly think Chromatica could be revived, just hear me out.

I wish I had like one tenth of this optimism :messga:


bless ur heart sis for this pure thought but it was dead on arrival :cryga:

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Revive what? We should have all known the era was done when stupid love leaked forever ago and nothing was done about it. Let’s move on. Leave this album in the grave with ARTPOP act 2 and let’s move on with life. 

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Chromatica is pretty much alive...in the hearts of those who knew her and can confirm what an amazing person she was 

She was a daughter

She was a friend 

She was a jockstrap 

She was anything you could wish from someone 

Rip Chromatica 2020-2020

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I loved Chromatica. It’s her best album ever. She really killed it with this album and I was so excited for what was going to come out of this promo! The idea of building an entire fictional world around The Planet of Chromatica with music videos, photo shoots, interviews, and concert performances! It was going to be such an interactive and immersive experience, the kind we had all been waiting for since 2012…

Then lockdown happened and corona became an official pandemic.

She had to cancel everything and start from scratch. It was so sad. I really wanted to witness the experience unfold, but it was never meant to be. I’m glad I have the album though, and it’s ultimately the music that really matters in the end. I honestly don’t believe the Chromatica Ball Tour is going to happen, and I can tell the era is definitely over. All we can do is move on, but I hope that one day, she continues with the theme of Chromatica..

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I would say that we are talking about a revival for the GP here. We as fans have already lived with and through this music. We have collected memories. We have danced to it. We have cried to it.


My story: When Stupid Love was released I met a man and fell in love with him. And well, it's been our song ever since. :kiss:

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