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Which Old Gaga Song You Wish For An MV??


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Dance in the Dark was literally robbed, one of her most iconic non-singles ever. And that alleged single cover with the gold bodysuit and mask - I CAN'T.


Sour Candy  scheiBe ARTPOP (mv feat. Marina Abramovic) Government Hooker  Heavy Metal Lover So Happy I could Die  Brown eyes    Edit : Forgot ALICE !!! Ultim

I have a lot. Very wishful/delusional but these all deserved visual treatments (even if they were never singles, I would've died at videos alone)...

TFM: Monster, Dance In The Dark
BTW: Scheisse, Heavy Metal Lover, Bloody Mary 
ARTPOP: Venus, Sexxx Dreams 
Joanne: Diamond Heart, Dancin' In Circles
Chromatica: Alice, Free Woman, Replay, Sour Candy, Babylon

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Probably Venus since its one of her faves and probably Free Woman.


i would love a Hey Girl MV with Florence and her frolicking in a garden :tony:

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Nothing On But The Radio 

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Smother Em Eh

TFM: Dance In The Dark, Monster

BTW: Scheibe, Bloody Mary, Government Hooker (It would be so controversial but slay so hard) 

AP: Venus, Sexxx Dreams, Gypsy. [AP didn’t have enough videos :deadbanana:]

J: A-Yo, Dancin In Circles

CA: Alice, Sour Candy

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8 hours ago, Steven said:

We already got a glimpse of it in the G.U.Y video though.

True but you just know that isn't even 5% of the vision she probably initially had for it. I tried to answer the question based on Gaga's own favourite and one she performs most of the times. I really think she'd do Venus or maybe Scheiße 

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