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One Last Time: An Evening with Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga


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Ohhh they are so winning Album of the Year 

I never entered any of these one last time topics because I thought you guys were talking about Ariana Grande. OMG

One Last Time will be starting soon! It will be aired on CBS and Paramount+ at 8pm EST/1am GMT. Use this thread to discuss. (Yes I'm aware this is an old gif.)

17 minutes ago, RichAssPiss said:

I didn't get to watch yet. Where were the performances of Let's Do It and Love For Sale taken from since they're not on the Radio City setlist?

They were performed at the same show.

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5 hours ago, SamanthaC said:

The way Gaga said, I'm going to do two eras and once and win at both of them. :bradley:

Footage of Gaga choosing which two eras she'd like to serve in:


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3 hours ago, Sarah H said:

Is there a link where we can watch this? I didn't see it live 

You can find it on Paramount+! :)

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6 hours ago, LaLa said:

I was looking for him and Gaga’s family but didn’t see them, but my eyes are terrible :laughga:

It was quite dark but he was clapping for Tony and looking fine!! 

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