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One Last Time: An Evening with Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga


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Ohhh they are so winning Album of the Year 

I never entered any of these one last time topics because I thought you guys were talking about Ariana Grande. OMG

One Last Time will be starting soon! It will be aired on CBS and Paramount+ at 8pm EST/1am GMT. Use this thread to discuss. (Yes I'm aware this is an old gif.)

45 minutes ago, QUEENH said:

Dude.. He's clapping for tony here... 

you got me before i edited my comment …. rude!! lol

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Both sounded absolutely phenomenal! What a beautiful, bittersweet yet heartwarming special that was to watch. Very grateful for both of them, and what they do for each other! Simply de-lovely :heart:

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2 hours ago, ARTPOPulace said:

It’s on Paramount+ now, is it extended?

Nope! Still 44 minutes which is equivalent to an hour of tv w/ commercials. Nice to have it on streaming though  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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Omg I just watched and was teary eyed the whole time. 

#1 Because our girl looks SO BEAUTIFUL and knows how to put on a show!

#2 Because Tony is such a sweetheart and HIS VOICE :heart:

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12 hours ago, RichAssPiss said:

When Gaga said "the greatest singer of all time," Whitney and Aretha sat up in their graves to ask, "Girl, who said that?"

Things like that are subjective anyway. No one can be a clear choice when it comes to a title like that. 

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