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Ontario finds Canada’s first cases of Omicron COVID-19 variant


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2 minutes ago, samuelx said:

Covid is over for who ? Maybe for those who are more fortunate to not have the struggles of having an auto immune disease like myself. I don't get to go out and have fun like everyone else does. Until you know what it's like to have lupus and manage that daily, I don't think you get to decide how things affect other people. It's a very real threat to me and I can't imagine how lucky others must be living their lives normally. 

I think they meant “the worst of covid” in terms of lockdowns and stuff? Like closed schools etc. not for each individual on the planet rn. It’s still horrendous, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t think that’s what they meant at all. I could be wrong obviously :cryga: I kind of get the feeling though - a friend of mine has been suffering for years with an autoimmune disease and I’m so scared for her bc she’s in hospital rn - we literally grew up together. Sending love <3

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Robo Ga
1 hour ago, TimisaMonster said:

The moment it hits America...:bear:

I guarantee you if it’s in Canada, it’s already in the US. Remember, we always see the spread weeks later than it actually occurred. Safe to assume it’ll be everywhere within weeks. Not trying to be scary, just trying to be realistic. Hopefully we will find out soon more about its death rate and transmissibility. 🤞 Some reports saying it may be less lethal than delta; praying for good (reliable) facts on it soon.

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