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Stupid Love demo leak


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3 minutes ago, POP A 911 said:


The fact that you think I'm lying whenever I actually think it's a coincidence inflates my ego a little bit tbh lol XD Is it such an interesting thing to happen to me that you think I must be lying about it? XD

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14 hours ago, ZennyDASH said:

I want to hear the rest of this!

You know what's weird though? I wrote a song called Stupid Love and posted it to Twitter, quickly deleting it off my computer and the website after posting it. Stupid = Bad and Love = Romance... I remember that being how I came up with the title. I even had the common phrase "All I ever wanted was love." in my song and I only remembered writing the song whenever I seen the music video for the first time! The "Freak out, freak out, freak out, freak, Look at me now, Cause' all I ever wanted was love," part made me remember. Weird... It's like witchcraft lol

I'm totally not lying lol I was mind ****ed, honestly! "All I ever wanted was love" is a common phrase though! :P

Its likely it's still on your computer if you have data recovery performed. 

Also who deletes their own work off their computer. No offense I just never under stand why people delete that kind of thing. You might need it later... 

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