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50 Cent drags Madonna for being sexy at 63


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5 hours ago, AnnaNicoleSmith said:

50 cent just shades people on his IG and he's in his 50s I think. So.....look at yourself in the mirror a little. Also Im not sure you treat your own family right so maybe clean your house and backyard and focus on yourself. Madonna whatever she does, I truly don't care. She does to her body whatever she wants, and u can be 80 and jerk off if you want to or get implants, even if I think it looks trashy or bad, nobody cares about this opinion. We are experiencing this weird short life in this vessel we call body and u do wtv u want with it as long as u dont harm anyone. But 50, I know he has a lot of weird **** going on in his personal life and if someone wrote about him on their IG he would be crying and sobbing

Like when he responded to Paris by saying her dead dad should have stayed away from "little boy booty holes". Like...

1) If you feel he did it, it's whatever, but be mature about it 'cause that's a heavy subject

2) That is beyond inappropriate to say to someone about their late father, especially when you can't be a grown up

3) That didn't stop your ass from slapping a lazy rap on a posthumous MJ track, huh?

The guy's a crass loser tbh. A hasbeen. He takes the piss out of anyone he can 'cause that's the only time he can get his name in strangers' conversations.

Bye, Pocket Change :madge:

And all at once, you're all I want ūüíö
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Toxic masculinity is at it again… so this is what 46 year old men are doing on IG now? 

I think he finds the photos attractive and he denies his urges so he tried to deal with emotions like a man child and focused to insult Madonna.  Typical toxic heterosexual man who would insult s

3 hours ago, Frank Potion said:

Most if not all¬†comments defending Madonna here are about how she¬†looks at 63‚Ķ like that makes it ok for her to age? Madonna has access to the best plastic surgeons, estheticians,¬†trainers, personal chefs, etc. Is this the standard? Do 63 year olds need to look 30 in order to be aging ‚Äúwell?‚ÄĚ For someone as rebellious as Madonna is and someone who is fighting and advocating against ageism, it would be much more radical to be spread eagle in fishnets under a bed with a real 63 yo ass hanging out. Aging needs to be destigmatized.

Yes because Madonna has to look like 63 years old to talk about ageism, or maybe Madonna can do what she want's with her body and her ageing like she want's, and still talk about ageism, because she's still 63 years old. People in every age can talk about discrimination, ageism have different forms, not only joke's about someone look or age, in case of Madonna ageism comes with radio ban of her new music. And btw she was discriminated when she was still young, ageism in music industry started decades ago. 


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The embarrassing thing here is a 46 year old grown man making shady posts on Instagram about other grown adults

I'll be myself until they fŇęcking close the coffin.
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