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Doja Cat has HAD IT


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32 minutes ago, gagawaffles said:

Gaga wrote an entire album about the bad side of fame 

Gaga wrote an entire album about having PSTD and extreme depression, she did not write an album about how she didn't want to go do a photo shoot that she signed up for but she'd rather just chill instead

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Instantly made me think of Gaga’s speech about learning to say No, and finding herself again through that. Hope she has the power to have control over her decisions.

Why do y'all want celebs to lie and pretend everything is great in their lives just because "common folk" have bigger problems and never have small problems that don't really matter... like no stop ly

Karen Smith

Poor one. I hope she'll find the joy somehow. Does anyone know whether she ever releases more mv from planet her? She does so many stuff but not this. 

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Naak Le Vaar
4 hours ago, TortureMeOnReplay said:

You mean the contract she signed at 17? :bear:

Two albums, like 8-10 music videos, more than several singles. Nearly double digit awards show performances. Do you think she just shows up to these things and they're done? She rehearses for each performance for probably a month, there's rehearsals for the music videos, meetings for video concepts, meetings for single promo, meetings for album promo strategy, meetings for misc. Things, meetings for partnerships, the list goes on. On TOP of the studio sessions for the albums she's released, fun songs on her SoundCloud, and the sessions for the dozen features she's done. All of this before we even talk about the things she's complaining about, which is photoshoots she probably gets up at 2am for to be done by 11pm. This isn't a job you clock 40 hours for (probably complain about), get mad about being asked to do overtime, and have 2 days off with. 

Yes that does sound more fun than the jobs I've had to do. And better pay. My point stands I'm willing to take one for the team doja hmu lol

Lmao they blocked my signature
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18 hours ago, Healed My Heart said:

I understand she has a lot of commitments, but these are some serious first world problems... Set your boundaries, girl.


Agreed. It's what she signed up for, as a professional. It's what she gets paid to do.

If you don't like it, you can take a pay cut and get off the global stage.
There are plenty of artists who take a step down, because the global stage is too demanding.  

Get the pinot ready, because it's turtle time.
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Six 57
17 hours ago, littlepotter said:

Why do y'all want celebs to lie and pretend everything is great in their lives just because "common folk" have bigger problems and never have small problems that don't really matter... like no stop lying to yourselves, the vast majority of us complain to our friends about things we're frustrated about or that bother us but that aren't that serious in the grand scheme of things. She's just venting. I'm so bored with the "i don't sympathize with celebrities" narrative like I'm pretty sure she's not looking for your sympathy, she's just saying whatever's on her mind or bothering her at that moment like most of us do.

And why does everyone conveniently forget that so many celebrities and artists have commited suicide or led miserable lives because of the demands of their career and being overworked and forced to do stuff you don't wanna do? Or is it only ok to "sympathize" after they've overdosed?

I agree with this take.

Not to mention, we all complain about aspects of our jobs.

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the reactions in this thread is exactly the reason why living a celebrity life must be ****ing miserable. It's inhumane and especially Gaga fans should now better tbh.

You are only allowed to make money for people that ultimately cannot be trusted because they live from your dollars that you're making. You have to wisely chose who you let in your inner circle because once you're in a famous position there will always be people who try to tear you down so others make more money. And with people like Doja we're talking about millions that are in the making. The competition never ends and on top of that once you have achieved a certain level of fame like Doja has for example there are very few that still can unsee the "fame" and treat you like an actual ****ing normal human being that has normal needs like every other person. Gaga even once said that she's sick and tired of going out and about with her family members bc she is always the centre of every room. It's sad to see Doja being frustrated, she has every right to rant about it online if it makes her feelings more valid to her, it must feel like living in a cage where you can only express yourself in your art and the things you once really enjoyed like talking pictures and doing concepts but even that has been limited to capitalized standards that you have very little control over. 

fan-tas-tique, chic, freak, slaaaay
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