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Jessie J suffers a miscarriage


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I can’t imagine having to go through something like that and continue to entertain afterwards. She’s really strong for being open, and I hope she gets all the support and love she can get :heart:

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The pain and heartache of a miscarriage is perhaps one of life's cruelest moments. My best friend had one about three years ago and it was a devastating moment for both her and her husband. Sending Jessie nothing but love and strength during this difficult time. 

You remind me that it's such a wonderful thing to love.
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Nooooo :messga: and she was hospitalized in 2020 for Ménière's disease. Sending love and strength to her and her family :heart:

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Healed My Heart

I'm grateful for her speaking out about this. Miscarriages are surprisingly common and it shouldn't be such a taboo subject to discuss the grief that comes with it. We need to support each other :heart:


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I'm not a fan of hers, but I'm so proud of her for sharing this. So many women suffer miscarriages in silence and it happens to 1 in 4 women. Seeing a celebrity share their story can help someone else. This is why I speak openly about my infertility now (which effects 1 in 8 couples), in hopes that my story will help someone know they aren't alone. 

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