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Scooter Braun says Ariana Grande takes a break from music


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Najoua Belyzel
14 hours ago, Gabi001 said:

I'm not Katy Perry stan and I love Ari's personality and talent, but Smile is much better album than Positions

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After he worked with her on releasing how many, 4-5 albums in a span of few years? 

Ariana has numbers but that's about it. There is nothing actually interesting about Ariana besides her music being the McDonald's of pop. That means it's good, easy to listen to and enjoy but she's no

Except often the stuff Adele puts out isn't that great either so hmmm... 

22 hours ago, Fanta said:

Ariana has numbers but that's about it. There is nothing actually interesting about Ariana besides her music being the McDonald's of pop. That means it's good, easy to listen to and enjoy but she's no (and will never be) Adele. Even though Adele isn't necessarily that interesting, she and Ariana are night and day.

Sc**ter is trying to rebrand Ariana as a multifaceted celebrity, as are many artists doing today, but a lot of the current it girls are lacking the credentials. I think a lot of these managers and artists are seeing Gaga's incredible success (don't drag me) shapeshifting in the industry, and they're trying to emulate the same formula. What a lot of today's celebrities don't realize is that they're extremely boring. It's the stunt of a 'break' to drum up hype and add mystique to Ariana when in reality there really isn't any, or ever was. You either have it or you don't.

Gaga got dragged relentlessly most of her career as she stood her ground, even when she didn't believe in herself, to get where she is today. None of her peers have the range, and it's quite unimpressive.

Why are you saying she's boring? Because you don't necessarily get what people like about her personality? If you don't understand the generational divide you can just say that. Ariana was an actress before she was an artist. And she's not taking a break to "drum up" hype, but to rebuild it. She had it before, but after 3 albums in 3 years there's only so much you can release before an artist has enough of a catalog to take a breather and let fans digest the music. 

22 hours ago, newseason said:

This is stupid tbh. Releasing often has nothing to do with quality or not. It's not like they are releasing an album every month lol.

Also, the way everybody chooses Adele as an example of good music just because of her long break and her commercial success is mindblowing.. If anyone else released a mediocre album like 30, nobody would care. 


What he's saying is that albums released in quick succession are gonna cause her to be overexposed and even if she puts out a great album, people won't see it that way. ARTPOP energy. 

1 hour ago, Versace said:

Guys don’t fall for it, this is all a business strategy at the end of the day.

Nothing to do with music, quality and any of that none sense. 

Scooter wants Ariana to focus on her makeup line hoping it turns into a billion dollar company over the next few years, less work for Ariana and more money for her team (including him). Trying to achieve what Rihanna did with Fenty Beauty. The profits from the beauty industry make the ones from the music industry look like cents in a pocket. 

Is it a coincidence that she’s suddenly on The Voice and awkwardly so (I’ve watched every episode, she keeps getting more uncomfortable and stressed each episode). The Voice is ultimately a family show and a way for Ariana to market herself to new audiences. The Voice is being used as a promotional medium to sell her makeup line. It’s a clever way of promo, just by her being on people’s minds (without having to release new music), it makes people more inclined to check out her newly launched brand. 



Yes they're building Ariana into a brand, but they have been. She's been doing perfume for years. Everybody shits on the fact that the industry is ageist but then are bothered celebrities are branching out to make sure they don't fall off the face of the Earth when the time comes. You're probably right when you make your point about the Voice, but it's also more than that. They're further establishing her as a vocalist and showing her technical skills in music because she speaks about terminology etc pretty often. On top of that The Voice is paying her a pretty hefty amount to be there, and it's a consistent location for her to work at. 

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