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To Anyone Who Says It’s Not Travis Scott’s Fault…


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3 hours ago, Healed My Heart said:

after watching this video, I am trying to understand what exactly is different about how he encourages his crowd to "rage" versus rock or metal bands that encourage their fans to mosh? I think it's irresponsible for any artist to encourage potentially violent or dangerous behavior, obviously it has been extremely dangerous at his shows. But I feel like I never hear bands called out for this sort of thing. Is it just because there haven't been mass casualty events with those artists?


AFAIK in rock/metal concerts there is sort of a non-written rule for moshpits like "no one should get hurt", "look out for each other" or something like that. I got to read multiple testimonies of guys who went to several of these concerts of bands like Slipknot, System of a Down. There was even a video that got viral on twitter from an old Linkin Park concert, which was awkwardly wholesome. I'm not really someone who's into the moshpit thing but it seems most of those people are actually trying to do it safely and for fun. While in Travis' case... girl

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2 hours ago, Hyoha said:

It’s because the venue was overstuffed with people. Travis’ greed killed them, not just his behavior on stage.

This. I was watching a video about crowd density, and the way it was described was exactly what I heard from what people said about Astroworld: they could barely move and breathe, and one person falling gives a domino effect. This wasn't normal as concert venues are not supposed to be that packed.

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There's videos circulating of Travis ignoring 2 employees coming to him on stage to tell him something, shooing them away, and then saying "let's make the ground shake" - he is GUILTY of enabling the deaths. He KNEW what was going on. 

There's also video of the VIP area being evacuated and escorted away - including Kylie, Kendall, and Travis' mom. If concert employees knew the concert was unsafe for their loved ones, it should have been stopped.

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For years there has been concerts that were violent especially at heavy metal and etc, where fans are jumping, hitting, and some performers jumping into the crowd while others carry them through it. I am sure individuals were hurt, and some were injured beyond what happened at Travis Scott’s concert. Did anyone blame those entertainers for what happened?  Now people want to point the finger at him because what happened. Yes, it was out of control, and yes it should of been more security surrounding the crowd, but it wasn’t. Who’s at fault I think it’s the people that started pushing, pulling, and running over the injured individuals. 
I haven’t attended a concert this popular since when New Edition had their’s at the Summer-fast grounds in Milwaukee years ago. It was maybe more or less people at that concert, but people back than were mindful of others safety and their own. This generation of young adults are just out of control and they do not listen to anyone. That proof is shown all over the world, so what happened at Travis Scott Concert is very tragic but in my opinion he isn’t his fault and for him to say he wants to help those families. Honestly he’s the only person today who is willing, while the concerts back earliest has 1980’s were much much worse and no one said anything about those incidents. People just need to stop and think about their faults and not trying to get money out of an artist because he is well known and have money. That’s what’s wrong with the world today, everyone got their hands out for money. Just greed!!😡

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