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Ed Sheeran's manager reveals his next album is ready to go


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That’s been known for a while. He announced Equals and said that he’d release “Substract” sooner since he wrote both albums. My guess is that the next one will be out for next next year’s Grammy’s deadline so probably after September 30th. 

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2 hours ago, 2School4Cool said:

I actually thought the same thing but in a recent interview he said it may not be until later next year since he’ll have a repackaging of = before the tour starts that has ten new songs. So essentially two studio albums, 10 new bonus tracks for one of them, plus the Christmas song with Elton and Run with Taylor in a few weeks, we’re really being fed and I can’t wait :excited: 

Yeah, plain white rice. 

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23 minutes ago, TortureMeOnReplay said:

Yeah, plain white rice. 

In your opinion, but he’s my favorite so I couldn’t be more excited. His music always touches me and becomes a big part of my life so to know we have 30+ songs coming in the next year is so exciting.

See The Best In Everyone
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