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Lana Del Rey scolding her fans for leaking 'Living Legend'


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43 minutes ago, imitalian said:

It aint that deep sis

It really isn't. Just blame the right persons and not the fans that are actually investing in your art and helping you put a roof over your head.

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39 minutes ago, qoqo said:

how do you know that

If you compare the lossless files to the ones from the CD/Digital, you'll see there's a huge difference :toofunny:

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2 hours ago, Lona Delery said:

the funny thing about this is


she literally ripped the file off YouTube cuz she no longer had it :rip: w/o the leaks we wouldnt even have Nectar of the Gods, Cherry Blossom or Living Legend on the album

wait how do you know this haha 

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Lona Delery
1 hour ago, littlepotter said:

Please WHAT :air:


1 hour ago, qoqo said:


how do you know that

BOZ on ATRL confirmed they did just that + tried to remaster them because apparently they didnt know anyone who still had the sessions :rip:

 plus if you rip the album from the CD in lossless and check the actual quality using Spek, you can see that the frequencies of the leaked songs stop at ~15kHz which indicates a 128kbps file aka the bitrate Youtube uses.




to illustrate this, Text Book is the upper diagram while Nectar of the Gods is below. Both extracted as .wav files directly from my CD


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Six 57
1 hour ago, vpez said:

what where is she going live? I thought she deleted her insta?
I can't follow her honeymoon account if it's the one she uses now

She does lives from honeymoon. I think she did two or three for Blue Bannisters? I watched some of them on YouTube. I was actually gonna share the full version of this last night but wasn't sure if that would be allowed. It's really endearing. I want her to make a podcast. Love the way she speaks.

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