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Stade de France says Gaga's concert is postponed in July 31th 2023 (false)


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Call me selfish idc, if this gets postponed to 2023 I want my money back. 

I've got over £200 sitting with Ticketmaster and I cannot get a refund. 

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When you look at the Lady Gaga concert on the official event it's saying 'postponed to July 31st 2023' https://www.stadefrance.com/fr/search/node/lady gaga   I guess they delayed the to

The one time I managed to get Golden Floor tickets  

It's been 84 years, and I can still smell the fresh cover art. The rain on me boots had never been used. The chromatica jockstraps had never been slept in. Chromatica was called the skip of Dreams, an

sounds like a placeholder date at this point

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M i K E Y

I don’t get the silence cause… people paid a lot of money and become customers. Customers need at least an explanation and information. 

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33 minutes ago, spicemuncher said:

Check ticketmaster.fr, search for Lady Gaga, you will get zero results. The show has completely vanished. I have been after TM France for a good 3 months now trying to get a refund, and I finally got their attention and they said it’s being processed (but would take up to 6 weeks).

so did the ticket from my account... i also requested a refund. it took 3 months for them to even acknowledge your request? the ****... 

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1 hour ago, Rifek said:

If it doesn’t happen in 2022 that means it is not happening.

I agree. She's not going to tour a 3 year-old album.

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Will people even care about a 2023 Chromatica 5 date tour based on an album released in 2020?

Gaga clearly could have done something for it but chose not to...she's in Vegas singing her jazz, promoting the hell out of it, but continually ignored Chromatica...

It's very sad honestly...

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I was gonna type out a “this is what she should do” paragraph but then I realized Gaga’s not paying me to manage her 

If she and Bobby want half empty stadiums and a dead crowd in 2023 then pop off ma - I’m literally not gonna defend her for it 

Let’s all collectively not arm-chair manage her, and say a big **** you to this rumour. 

I’m xcxcited to go next year bc I love Chromatica and the remix album. My merch is sitting pretty ❤️

(and dusty)

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1 hour ago, HuffsAhoy said:

If you click on the actual event, the date is still the same one from 2021 and the banner says "Postponed." Plus, nothing as officially released by her team. So, I'm not really buying this date change. 

What? You mean...wait for official announcements or any credible news before calling Gaga lazy, saying she's greedy and doesn't care anymore, flaming Bobby, the Haus, the roaches in the walls of Gaga's neighbor's house, etc?

God forbid :udidnt:


Y'all are SOOOO goddamn quick to meltdown.

And all at once, you're all I want 💚
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