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Is It Really Sub-Par Movie?  

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  1. 1. Is It Really A Sub-Par Movie?

    • Yes! I want refund!
    • No. Could be better tho!
    • IDK, it was meh, I snoozed during the movie
    • I am only here for the chickens. Have anyone try it?

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Low 42 Critics score, and average 6.2 audience score on metacritic




Low 38% aka rotten on Rotten Tomatoes, and average 73% audience score 



and B- on Cinemascore :bradley:



Have you watched the movie? Would you reckon these scores accurate?

Discuss :flower:

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Where’s the “I Loved It” option on the poll? 

It was perfect imo.  

I just saw it. Was it good? No. Was it that bad? Meh. Spoiler free review: The acting in this part was substandard and some of the dialogues are really poorly written. The plot is all over t

3 minutes ago, Munchlax said:

Where’s the “I Loved It” option on the poll? :dom:

The 4th one :dom:

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ✧*:・゚ na gebruik vingers aan de muur afvegen (*´艸`*) ♡♡♡
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I was dissapointed by it. It had a few good kills but the plot and the script was.... cringe...a lot, especially the script writing. Micheals my favorite slasher and I was expecting much better than that. 

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Alice 911

I just saw it. Was it good? No. Was it that bad? Meh.

Spoiler free review:

The acting in this part was substandard and some of the dialogues are really poorly written. The plot is all over the place, but yet the same thing is repeated over and over. But hey; if you're looking for a strong plot, you often don't go to see a slasher.

The movie itself has a chaotic vibe, mostly by the way of writing and editting, but there where moments that chaos seemed in place with the events of the story so it didn't bother me that much.

What did bother me, a lot, where the stupid choices some of the characters made.. I mean, ofcourse stupid choices are part of a classic horror, but that level of stupidy? Nah. As a viewer it's difficult to empathize with characters when they made choices where you go: "do you want to die?". To me it gets exciting (or tragic) when characters make choices that seem a little more logical or less of an straight-up death wish.

In addition to that, this sequel kills a couple characters that we bearly (or not) get to know. That's a shame because that made me like: should I care that he / she's dead now? The impact of the kills weren't always there.

Due to the constant flashbacks to the original & the 2018 version, Halloween Kills does connect to the story as a whole. Does it add anything new? Not really. Although the visuals and the goore have had an upgrade in this part, that's cool! There seemed to be a lot more visible of Michael's violence. I also thought that some of the kills where creative, me gusta!

Keeping the 80s style & nostalgic rock solid score, the scary & devastating Michael Myers and the nods to the original, this part is (at least if you know the franchise) good for an okay night out, but like I said: don't expect too much as the acting, plot and scares are bad or medicore at most.

Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween GIF by Entertainment Weekly

ps. the end of this one sucks. It really does.

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I watched it tonight with my roommate and it’s parody-level bad

the whole hospital riot was so cringe we couldn’t stop laughing

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I don’t buy the bad decisions stuff that reviewers bring up. These new movies are about trauma and the characters thought their trauma (H40) was over but it wasn’t (HKills) so I don’t blame Allyson at the beginning for wanting to go after Michael for killing her friends and I don’t blame Karen at the end after Michael dies for wanting to see if she could understand the man she killed. You don’t think properly while traumatized. 

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The tone of it is off, much like the 2018, but besides that, I enjoyed it. Michael is BRUTAL and angry in this film. I think it would be best to watch 2018 and then immediately watch Kills, or at least very soon after. Also, to take into consideration, this is the sequel of a trilogy that was described from the get go as Empire Strikes Back. I think it does great things for fans of the franchise. If you enjoyed 78/81  and Part 4, you’ll enjoy this one. I think Ends is going to make Kills a better movie, with a little hindsight

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After a 1 year delay, I think my anticipation and excitement set the bar high. If this movie came out on the original date of its planned release, I think I would have really made me happy and fulfilled with the movie (knowing it was a middle movie in a trilogy.) But a 2 year break between Halloween 2018 and Halloween Kills, I think caused the problem for me. We would have had Halloween Ends by now. 

But I still enjoyed the movie and have seen it twice. They did pander to the fans a lot, basically shoving the nostalgia of 1978 down our thoughts. They gave us everything we wanted, the nostalgia, the kills, the score…but the pacing was off, and it really jumped around a lot. There is no denying though, I’m going to by it on 4K Blu Ray. 

To sum the movie up, it was “almost” gave me everything I wanted from it, but didn’t execute it properly. Definitely not the worse in the series, but definitely not the best. Plus, with all the trailers and promo, Laurie and Michael didn’t even share any screen time together. WTF. :cryga:

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I saw the early premiere on Tuesday. Not a huge fan of the series, but a friend had an extra ticket, so free movie! I enjoyed it, especially the campyness and comedic relief at times, very different from the first movie. But yeah, the choices the character made were really questionable, but it was fun hearing the entire audience reacting to it.

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I loved it.

huge fan of the series and loved the whole thing. 

the audience was going WILD and it was sold out, it was truly the horror movie theater experienced I've been missing since last year. 

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