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Adele - 'Easy On Me' Music Video

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Christopher Rolas

A weak song compare to Hello or even Someone like You (i don't like this one) 

I don't why but I wasn't expecting anything great from that snipped. 

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Directed by: Xavier Dolan      

Can't wait for the groundbreaking black and white video with close ups of Adele's sad face

Its superb. I adore it. Here’s the thing, for the people complaining that its the same old stuff, no growth, etc... Adele’s songs show her personal growth, no necesarelly an artistic one, her appeal w

It's not good. I'm not here for contemporary christian piano music. I am so disappointed. 

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51 minutes ago, IHE said:

It's not good. I'm not here for contemporary christian piano music. I am so disappointed. 

‘Christian piano music’? 

Ha Ha Lol GIF

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Dead body

It was all a huge let down for me, from the okay song and vocals to the cringe worthy video and obviously that awful album cover... :selena: 

I'll still support her anyway, because I love her :heart:

It's funny because the title of a song (depending on the artist) is ALWAYS enough for me to guess if I'll like it or not and I'm literally never ever wrong :ladyhaha: 

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It's no surprise that some people who seem to be only into dance pop bangers aren't into this song and don't get why it's popular... :billie:

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I thought I might be underwhelmed by another piano ballad but JFC she's done it again :bradley: she just writes the perfect words that tear open your heart :fatcat:

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Considering how her previous lead singles were skyscrapers of tunes, I expected something much more mind-blowing with this lead. I've heard so many ballads that sound like a replica of this and they don't get anywhere near the same amount of attention, sales and interest. But it's Adele, so everyone loses their minds over something so banal. And again, another boring music video. I don't get why she has so many YouTube subscribers when all her videos involve her standing still, walking slowly or sitting, with no interesting imagery going on around her. What is there to be anticipated about when it comes to her videos? I will say that her vocals have got better, she isn't straining and cracking like she did before. But the songs are getting more generic. I can't even fully remember what it sounds like now. And I always cringe when grown adults refer to themselves as "just a child" when they describe a moment of their life when they were an adult. Yes, Adele got with Simon when she was around 23 and had her child at 24, that's certainly very young in today's society where settling down and parenthood doesn't usually occur until your 30's but let's be real, it's a more than capable age in which to do these things. We've just told ourselves that we're not mature enough to do it these days. It was standard practice until some decades ago. You're an adult who made bad adult decisions, don't validate them by saying you were "just a child." I honestly thought that considering the amount of much older fans Adele has, some of whom probably married and had children at the same age, didn't roll their eyes at this bit.

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