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Adele Album Covers

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So....., we have these






And now we have this



Which means, her next album after 30 will have her back of her head as the cover. Bet! :sis:



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I like the consistency with her body of work

however the cover for 30 seems like a cheap still from a video. Reminds me of the Birtney Glory cover... 

25 is so iconic and stunning. I was hoping for something more impactful for 30 lol

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She has some beautiful album covers. While this one is certainly beautiful- it does just look like a regular side shot of someone’s head- which is exactly what it is. Her promo pics - as well as all her vogue pics are stunning- I really hope this isn’t the album cover. 

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If this ia the new album cover its so weird, looks like some random picture from the set, it's not ever centered, I don't really get it.

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I love the new album cover! It’s as though she’s confronting someone or maybe looking at herself in a mirror. So candid. Y’all don’t see it now but just wait. This will be such an iconic album cover. 

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In the first two albums seems like she is exploring herself, eyes down like looking at her inner self, worried, doubtful, sad and even reflextive (22). What I see in 25 is that she finally *faces* her struggles, she is upfront and  honest than ever and that is well noticed on her lyrics. Also she doesn't look left or right (which could mean past or future), but tries to focus on her present: on what she was facing right in that moment as concequences of all the changes she's been through after 22.

For some reason I think the cover of 30 reflects a bit of that, she is looking forward but still with a doubtful expression of uncertainty, something that could be traslated in: "I'm moving on but who knows where...". And about the wierd angle, not really a "side" picture but with that feeling she is "turning her head/back off the camera", gives me the impression that she is ending a conversation or wanting to give a closure to an awful time of her life to finally move on.

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