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Lady Gaga ft. Taylor Swift

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Would you agree? How would you react to this announcement? 

Are you here for both queens of pop to collab? 



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Pop Music

the two most powerful industry leader legends 

I would combust 

Gaga 💝Taylor 💝Carly Rae 💝Marina 💝Britney 💝Rina 💝Lights 💝Shania 💝Sigrid💝
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Honestly no thanks 

Give me Gaga and Britney on a huge banger or Gaga and Adele on a power ballad and I’m good 

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What's with you guys today about collabs lol...sure it wouldn't bother me at all but Ed or Taylor aren't artist that would get me really excited regarding a Gaga collaboration, not because they aren't excellent artists and very, very talented. For me if you guys are talking big artists, that are well known, sell many albums and do good on charts, i would be curious about Adele. 

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I dont see it bringing anything that a gaga solo song could bring musically

before there was love there was silence
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Luna Lovegood

yes for the culture no for the fanbase they’re toxic af

luna’s advocate
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Mother of Puppies

Sure, why not? (I still want her to do a collab with Katy, although I doubt that will ever happen) :poot:

I have to laugh.
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so that fanbase would carry the song and remind us of the fact for the next 100 years? hell no

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Please nothing with Taylor Swift, like never her fans are annoying racist sh!t and we will be bombarded with Taylor carried, Taylor's impact for the rest of our lives. I would even be here for a Collab with Ed. Sheeran but not TS.

Chromatica Oreos Everybody
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The Fame Monster

I can imagine Gaga and Taylor performing at a charity event and singing a cover together. But I can’t imagine them performing together on a studio record.

I’m a free bitch, baby.
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Absolutely. I think Taylor is incredibly talented, and I feel like Gaga would force her out of her comfort zone even further than Taylor will push herself. If done right, it could very well done. It doesn’t even have to be a dance song, they could do a ballad together. Collabs are about bringing out the best in BOTH artists. 

Something to think about, Taylor is still as cryptic, and fun with her fans as Gaga once was. Perhaps a collab with her could revitalize that a little? Taylor Swift is a genius business woman too, calculating everything, she would know the cultural impact it would have, and she would definitely make the most of it. 

Ed Sheerans collab EP concept is something cool I think Taylor or Gaga should do on their own sometime 

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