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What Gaga tattoo would you get?

Dr Fudge

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My favorites are the rose, unicorn, and the gaga notes.  But I personally don't do tattoos. I have oodles of t-shirts though with some really good artwork on them. I would be more likely to wear something like the Joane world tour black shirt with the flower sleeve ( applause and BTW ). I would buy that if it was sold, as a long sleeved t-shirt, all black with a flower sleeve. ( I'm not suggesting that anyone or LG get a full sleeve tat, it's so much ink.)

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Definitely something with Dope.

Either the NASA meatball with "DOPE" like her snapback or simply the numbers "12312" for the second verse.

The remix
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there are so many options it is definitely difficult to pick just one! 

i love my chromatica sine wave on my shoulder :legend:


I'm planning on getting the monster claw and the musical gaga notes too! 

You chew beef, I wear meat.
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It's a little clilche now, but probably the BTW unicorn





 Or a stylised version of one of these looks:




I'll be myself until they fūcking close the coffin.
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I've wanted to tattoo something that mixes up all the albums "basic shapes": the lightning bolt, the cross, the pink upside-down triangle, the blue sphere, etc

But recently it's getting more difficult, since the Joanne hat is such a weird shape to have tattooed, together with the sax (Gaga makes it work but I don't think I could, and it doesn't have much to do with me personally...I'm more about the geometric shapes).


(ignore Chromatica in this pic, we obviously have a much better symbol)

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