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Adele: Easy On Me (snippet)


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Her voice is beautiful, but the snippet doesn’t sound like anything new that we haven’t already heard from her. Guess we’ll see what the rest of the song sounds like when it comes out. 

She's going to kill me. Her vocals are out of this world.

Bella Goth
On 10/10/2021 at 2:54 PM, Levine said:

6 years for...this? the same old ballad that seems an outtake from 25? Thank god she doesn't have critical fans or the media against her, otherwise that would have eaten her alive.

I love how you all drag artists like Ed Sheeran for playing safe (I did it too) and doing the same thing over and over only to praise Adele who does the same.




i mean.. its her music? u expected her to sing trap music?

and for ed issue, why comparing her to him lmao, in my case i just dont like ed music not because he playing it safe, it's because i just dont like his music and for that i never dragging him (i dont know about others), i just dont listen to it. and adele, i love her music, she can do same ballad over and over again and still love her. music and her personalty.

its my opinion, no negative here <3

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Bella Goth
On 10/10/2021 at 10:44 PM, Galagala said:

Actually the melody doesn't matter because her voice can elevate everything.:staymad:

she can do it without music anyways her voice is her instrument :selena:

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On 10/10/2021 at 5:10 AM, Levine said:

Of course there are ballads and BALLADS and Adele's ones are A+ ballads (not this time imo). She's smart for taking these long ass hiatus because she knows she can only deliver that kind of songs. This time, tho, I really expected something different from the usual piano ballad song, but that's on me.

I was the opposite. I remember at some point hearing this album could be a different sound and I was like nooooo lol. 

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Reveals when?? Results when?? Do we have all submissions?? Do we have all votes?? Am I winning??
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On 10/9/2021 at 3:11 PM, iWontBeTonight said:

i truly love how i can go months without thinking about adele…maybe listening to someone like you and when we were young a couple times a year…and then she just comes in and wrecks us all for a few months and peaces out for 5 more years

This is how many pop acts used to do it.  Just when you forgot they existed, BAM they’re here for a massive new era.  I like it better that way honestly.  

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