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Love For Sale Beats Sales Expectations


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it still irks me that people call it a jazz cover album lol

the point of jazz is to take a song and make it your own 

the idea that it’s just covers and not interpretations is a lil condescending 

just saying :enigma:

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3 hours ago, Evan Peters said:

Hooray for backhanded positivity!

Thank you! Evan Peters continues to be my third favorite AHS cast member. 

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5 hours ago, Blastertoyo said:

Oh nice they beat the racist after all, we all expected it to be 10 or lower 

He won’t be bothered, his album was released 9 months ago.

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I think they are more interested in sales over time than the initial chart position.  They have those televised performances to come. They will want to equal C2C and its Gold (RIAA) certification.  So another 458k copies to go.

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7 hours ago, StrawberryBlond said:

I'm disappointed it only peaked at #6 in the UK as it was such a low competitive week (2 indie albums were 1 and 2 last week) but it peaked better than C2C (#10 in the UK) so it's still a coup, though we didn't get sales confirmed.

It sold 6.3k in the UK.  

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