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3 singers that you want to see on stage


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1. Gaga: I've attended the Monster Ball and Born This Way Ball Tours but really really want to attend one of the Piano Vegas shows. I'm sure those nights are amazing.

2. Queen + Adam Lambert

3. P!nk

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Madonna :flutter: imagine the most iconic pop star of all time in front of your eyes...

Britney but there's like 99% chance that she'll never tour again so

and Miss Kylie :flutter:

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Gaga (happening in October :woot:)

Taylor Swift 

Backstreet Boys (I’ve been to every one of their tours since 1996 except one.)

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I've seen gaga 3 times and my first answer is Gaga again LOL

+ The Weekend 

+ Troye Sivan 

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1. Taylor Swift, her Reputation tour seemed such an intense and amazing experience

2. Britney, but very unlikely she's every going to perform again

3. Ariana, love her songs and her shows seem like fun

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Celine Dion

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