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Meet Germany's first transgender members of parliament


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As some of you know, yesterday Germany held its general election. The social democratic SPD won the majority of the votes, the Greens sported significant boosts in popularity. 

For the first time ever, two openly transgender women have been elected and will join the next German Bundestag:

One of them is Tessa Ganserer from Nuremberg, Bavaria, who ran for the Greens:

Nyke Slawik from Leverkusen, North-Rhine Westphalia, who also ran for the Greens:


Edit: Technically Christian Schenk of the Left party was the first transgender member of parliament in Germany, but he only came out two years after his term in the parliment came to an end already.

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47 minutes ago, PatrickMonster said:

The amount of hate I see about this news on Facebook is crazy. Peope are awful

Don't take Facebook as a reference to the general opinion. Most of these people on there are just bitter old or middle-aged people having time to complain about everything on social media, especially FB (as their kids only showed them to use this one :derpga: ).

OT: Nothing you would see in Saxony :toofunny: . Anyways, congratulations to both of them :kara: . Finally queer people are actively recognized in the parliament. I think this is a good sign for a less conservative view on gender, sexual preference, etc. and might really change something in this country :flutter: .


I'm still rooting for politics to allow (at least altruistic) surrogacy

feeling it GIF by The Kennedy Center


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Ororo Munroe

Okay, but Tessa looks like she’s about to end people’s careers. :sis:

I'm gonna give the gays everything they want.
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