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Viral tiktok ideas for Gaga


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Hi guys, I have not login for a while but I just saw an interview of Gaga that I think have so much potential and sightly not cringy so I want to share with you guys.

The idea is the interview asking Gaga her inspiration and you lipsync to Gagita saying: "God and the gays".

The sound immediately cut to Highway Unicorn drum section as you can showcase your art, makeup, drag looks or drag-transformations in quick cuts and end with your final look or art

The interview:


HWU drum (from 0:43):

maybe doing sth Halloween related and feel free to share your ideas.

Liberaté mi amor
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Or maybe she should make a little dance like some idols do and make it a challenge. But she would have to release something new and also care about it. Which she clearly doesn't

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