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Switzerland Legalize Same Sex Marriage Today


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Lona Delery


4 hours ago, PartySick said:

It's not that they're slow. To the contrary. They're so (seemingly?) progressive that it's honestly shocking that it wasn't already legal there :rip:

no, its true, our political process is glacial :rip: the motion to change civil law to allow same-sex marriage was introduced in parliament back in 2013, and it was only approved in late 2020. Progress is taking an eternity here

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UPDATE: Swiss voters appear to have decided by a clear margin to allow same-sex couples to marry, according to a projection after a national referendum on Sunday. The projection, by the gfs.

Omg I could have sworn that a country like Switzerland had same sex marriages legalized ages ago

Switzerland was one of the last countries allowing women to vote over here in europe (in 1971)  So not that surprising 

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