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3 Artists You've Gotten Into Lately?


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Band fusing metal and dance pop. I cannot help but move while listening their songs, really excited for finding them.




I discovered their new EP just couple nights back and it's really gorgeus and atmospheric. I like the singer's voice a lot.




Post metal / post rock / shoegaze something like that. I think I have heard some songs on their Sunbather album before but I just recently started listening them actively and their new album is full of beautiful tracks.




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Massive attack  Portishead    I was obsessed with ray of light and I never even thought to travel down the trip hop hole, but I'm sooooooo glad I did. It's totally my vibe 

Lil Nas X

3 hours ago, phantasmas said:

omg these visuals are amazing :messga: i really need to get into kpop if this is how fans are fed

Yeah! Also this might be up your alley too



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Rauw Alejandro


I actually really love him now. :bradley: He’s a reggaeton artist, but what really drew me into him was how experimental his albums are, a lot of his songs are blended styles with house and dance. And of course he’s sooooo sexy and GORGEOUS. :flutter: And his voice is really sexy too. He’s blowing up more and more. Him >>>>>>> Bad Bunny. :sick:

dOnT sAd ReAcT mE 2 bE sHaDy i WiLL RePoRt U!!1!
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I know I've already posted my 3 new artists, but yesterday I discovered CHVRCHES and I'm FLOORED :nooo: :air: :giveup:



How tf did they get over my head :cryga:

Ew, David!
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Lingua Ignota 

Hauntingly beautiful is a perfect way to describe her work - it's devastating but so incredibly compelling 




Their track played during the title scene in Malignant - gothic bops all around 




Poets of the Fall

Their lyrics are kinda cringy, but this song played in Control (video game) and I can't stop listening to it :bradley:




Brothers by blood separated
Marionettes animated
Lovers of strings liberated 

WUT :bradley:

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On 9/24/2021 at 11:42 PM, Original Diva said:

Liz Gillies + Seth MacFarlane - they have a jazz album together and they are just amazing! Great covers. (also yes, it is Elizabeth Gillies from Victorious and Dynasty, and Seth Macfarlane from Family Guy etc.

Years & Years (Olly Alexander) - I knew a handful of their songs which I had heard on the radio in the past, but never knew anything about them. I saw Elton and Olly perform Its A Sin at the Brit Awards abd it changed my life and now im obsessed! Olly is so talented. 

Emma Blackery - This isnt a new discovery. I've adored her music for years. She just dropped her latest genre-defying sophomore album "Girl In A Box" and it is just amazing.

Thanks for the Years & Years suggestion :woohoo: i’ve been vibing to them for the past couple days

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