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3 Artists You've Gotten Into Lately?


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Massive attack  Portishead    I was obsessed with ray of light and I never even thought to travel down the trip hop hole, but I'm sooooooo glad I did. It's totally my vibe 

Lil Nas X

holy scheisse
8 hours ago, WheresMy911Alice said:


Omg I need this playlist! Two of my fav artists, but Portishead "Dummy" album is one of my fav of all time :legend: it's literal perfection

Here you go hunny!!

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6 hours ago, FfFfFfFF said:

Don't have 3 artists, but I realised that I slept on Amy's music for too long


her Lioness album is my fave and makes me cry the most :fatcat: RIP BBY ANGEL

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9 hours ago, phantasmas said:

That first one was really good :golfclap: im def gonna keep listening to them 

Yaaay, I'm so glad you liked her! I discovered her more than a year ago, but started to listen more songs recently and I'm quite impressed by her discography :hug:

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Pop Music

in the past year i've gotten into 

Rina Sawayama 

Olivia Rodrigo 

(not really new but a rediscovery of) Aly & AJ

Gaga 💝Taylor 💝Carly Rae 💝Marina 💝Britney 💝Rina 💝Lights 💝Shania 💝Sigrid💝
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I got obsessed with Chelsea Wolfe over the past year. You might enjoy her if you're into Lana, but also like a darker atmosphere. 





trust is like a mirror, you can fix it if it's broken but you can still see the crack in that ************s reflection.
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