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Gas strech across constelations proved to be empy cavity caused by supernov


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JtnXhoySDMiRXAKB7yfNEV.jpegTwo clouds of gas, both alike in dignity, appear side by side in the fair Milky Way. Known as "molecular clusters," these enormous provinces of star-forming gas stretch across the sky, seeming to form a bridge between the Taurus and Perseus constellations where new suns can grow and thrive for billions of years to come.

It's a celestial tale of star-crossed love — and, according to new research, it's also an enormous optical illusion.

New 3D maps of the region, created with help from the European Space Agency's Gaia space observatory, show that these canoodling clouds are actually hundreds of light-years apart — separated by an enormous, empty orb where neither gas, nor dust nor stars can find purchase. 7QjxJpzPrXZHceu7VsCejj-480-80.jpeg

Upon mapping these seemingly linked clouds of gas, the researchers realized that there was no physical connection between them — but rather, they resided on opposite sides of an invisible, empty cavity.

Given the positions of the molecular clouds and the ages of the stars within them, the researchers estimated that both clouds formed as a result of the same supernova explosion about 10 million to 20 million years ago.

Source - https://www.livescience.com/perseus-taurus-supershell-space-cavity

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