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The city of Sodom possibly located in Jordan Valley


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Archaeologists working at Tell el-Hammam, thought to have been the city of Sodom mentioned in Genesis, have found charred human remains, including skulls and skeletons that have been blown apart, melted buildings, metals and pottery and bubbled mud bricks that suggest temperatures exceeded 2,000C.

"There's evidence of a large cosmic airburst, close to this city called Tall el-Hammam," Kennett said of an explosion similar to the Tunguska Event, a roughly 10 to 30-megaton airburst that occurred in 1908, when a 50 to 80-meter stony asteroid pierced the Earth's atmosphere over the Eastern Siberian Taiga.


The shock of the explosion over Tall el-Hammam was enough to level the city, flattening the palace and surrounding walls and mudbrick structures, according to the paper. The distribution of bones indicated "extreme disarticulation and skeletal fragmentation in nearby humans."


They also found spherical iron and silica particles and quartz crystals that had cracked under very high pressure in soil samples, suggestive of a high-speed impact or air blast from an exploding meteoroid.

Located on high ground in the southern Jordan Valley, northeast of the Dead Sea, Tall el-Hammam had become the largest continuously occupied Bronze Age city in the southern Levant, having hosted early civilization for a few thousand years. At that time, it was 10 times larger than Jerusalem.

Source: 12

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13 minutes ago, Papergangstuh said:

The city of New Sodom is located in my b*tth*le :messga:



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Hummm, a town with a lot of ancient men's juice marks around :bradley:

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The Bible doesn't lie:trollga:

Another interesting fact: In the Bible, Yaweh (God) through prophet Daniel predicted that Babylon would be destroyed. Eventually it was. He also said later on that no one would ever inhabit the place except for crawling creatures and unclean animals. Search up Babylon today and it is a desolate area. Of course, some have tried to claim it over the years but no one really stays and dwells in the area. 

Matt. 6:10
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14 hours ago, Bat said:

My thoughts exactly!

I visited Jordan years ago and this information seemed common knowledge in Jordan.

I guess this time they analysed actual scientific data from the city and confirmed a meteor destroyed it, corroborating with the story.

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7 hours ago, BiblicalS3NSE said:

The Bible doesn't lie:trollga:

It definitely does :huntyga:

Hundreds of times :huntyga:

Xoxo, a former Christian :poot:

Who's that Pokémon? It's the fabulous🌈 fire ferret🔥, dead💀 and risen👻, bitch💅
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