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CTV: Justin Trudeau (Liberals) Win 2021 Canadian Election (MINORITY GOV)


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22 hours ago, Bonkers said:

Not quite c*ckblocked.  Between the Liberals and the NDP & Green Party, they have a majority.

Think of it like this:

Liberals:  Joe Biden
NDP:  Bernie Sanders
Green Party:  AOC on crack  (they only have 2-3 or seats so the Liberals and NDP don't *need* them, but they align)

Not sure I agree with that last part. If Liberals are Joe Biden, then NDP is somewhere between Biden and Sanders but probably closer to Biden, and Greens are also a variation on Biden.

By electing Annamie Paul as leader (even though she might not stay for long), the Greens reinforced their position as a centrist party with somewhat progressist policies on the environment (and even that is debatable). If they do elect an ecosocialist leader in the future, I would agree that the Greens would probably be closest to Sanders/AOC, maybe even further left.

I feel like NDP have also taken a turn right in the past few years, making them closer to the Liberals than they used to be, which is unfortunate.

Anyway, those are details, it’s still an interesting allegory, and I do agree that your description matches the people’s perception of each party. But in reality, I’m not sure that’s what it is.

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As a person who just bought their first home literally 10 days ago in Toronto, I say housing prices go brrrrrrr.... 

Don't know how to feel though. On one hand, I obviously want appreciation to increase my equity as a safety net; on the other hand, any further appreciation just makes my possible future upgrade more difficult.

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On 9/21/2021 at 1:41 PM, Dennis said:

In the meantime in the U.S a red wave is coming 

Tbh, the only red wave in Canada is People's Party of Canada. It's basically the cast out group of right wing conservatives that is no longer part of Canada's establishment centre right party - the same ideological group that took over Republican Party in US with Donald Trump instead of being cast out. Although I would have to say PPC is still more politically appropriate in their way of presenting their viewpoint than Trump's never ending series of diplomatic & political faux-pas. 

Conservative Party of Canada, at least in its current form under O'Toole, is as liberal as American Democrats. 

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