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What‘s your #1 favorite Gaga song?


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Which song out of Gaga‘s entire discography is your absolute favorite and why?

To me it‘s without a doubt Bad Romance. It‘s not only my favorite song by Gaga but also by any artist. The song is pure perfection - a hammering bass, one of the most iconic song intros ever, an anthemic chorus, an iconic bridge and and such a unique vocal delivery in the verses. Even almost 12 years after its release it still goes so hard! A legendary iconic classic in my eyes :legend:



What‘s yours and for what reason?

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Wet Fire

Always Remember Us This Way :heart:

Because it's the closest to godliness her voice has ever gotten.

Oh and actually my #1 Gaga song was Bad Romance before 2019 :legend:

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Ever since she started to perform it live a year before the release of the album, Yoü and I has a special place in my heart.

you and i music video GIF by Lady Gaga

Stupid Love is climbing pretty fast though...


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Marry The Night supremacy :v:


but Bad Romance is a close second - and her most iconic song. I personally relate a lot more to MTN.


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You and I will always be THAT bitch for me. :bradley:

Everything about it is perfect to me. The song, the vocals, the lyrics, the video, the outfits, the feels :diane:

When the final guitar kicks in,




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Marry The Night.

Lyrically and melodically one of her best songs. The church bells still gives me goosebumps. The chorus is explosive and the outro is pop perfection. Do I need to say anything about the bridge, the verses or the video? Maybe I don’t listen to it as much as before but it has a special place in my heart. 

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