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Girls fighting during Olivia Rodrigo concert


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a visual representation of how the bridge make me feel 

it need to be the new emote y'all  

It's the little girl for me ... They really had a SOUR experience 

9 hours ago, Ororo Munroe said:

it need to be the new emote y'all



Imagine her becoming a monster and joining this site only to see the cult using her face as a meme :fatcat: I would like to be there for that thread :vegas:

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that mother is such an idiot. Look at the stress she put her daughter through. She hit the girl first and then got tons of blows to her head and had her daughter panicking for her. So sad. Adults who act like kids are embarassing.

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16 hours ago, PartySick said:

This girl simply wanted to go to a concert and now some gays on a Lady Gaga forum want her face to be part of the emote collection :sharon:

It's funnier if you think of it as the mom being the Olivia Stan and using the child as a cover to go see her. Like the kid don't even wanna be there in the first place and all the sudden mommy getting pelted. 

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