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Shawn Mendes to Camila Cabello: it’s giving Cher

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The toxic masculinity in this thread is really something else. I feel it's either 40 year old men who can't accept that men can be less masculine and still like women or 13 year olds with no sexual experience whatsoever. I mean I've been with bi-sexual couples. The man isn't always super masculine. And women aren't always attracted to super masculine men. 

Also the full behind the scenes is on Vogue magazines site. The first thing Shawn says to her is, "Awwww babe. You looked so beautiful. They are both wearing Michael Kors. They also run into the Beibers. It's a really cute BTS. 

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"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." -Martin Luther King Jr.
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It’s giving Cher  

Cher Jan 


I hope people realize that gay stan slang has been popularized through social media, it's not exclusive to us anymore:messga:

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15 hours ago, President Biden said:

Anyone ever consider the alternative: Both of them are closeted and what is truly “sad and wrong” isn’t investigative fans, but rather the fact Shawn & Camila are perpetuating straight culture over embracing homosexuality? :jase: Just a thought

This is my main issue, camila had girlfriends in the past and shawn was SO close and even held hands with that other twink i dont remember his name.

Maybe they are bi but idk.. its sad that they need to hide who they truly are.

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23 hours ago, PartySick said:

Part of me is lowkey bothered by people constantly questioning his sexuality...and another part of me believes he's doing it on purpose 'cause he finds it funny :bear:

He’s nog intelligent enough to see the fun in it.

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It's giving cher is my favorite shawn thing to happen all year

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